Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What will be the future for Gareth Bale at Real Madrid?

According to former Tottenham manager David Pleat "Gareth Bale is too young to move abroad and would be making a mistake by leaving Tottenham for Real Madrid this summer".

Quick look at Gareth Bale's career at Tottenham:

Gareth Bale joined Tottenham in May 2007 and agreed to a new four-year contract in June 2012. The Welsh winger have appeared in 146 times for Tottenham in Premier League and have netted 42 goals.  The current season turned to be Gareth Bale's best season so far at Tottenham as he scored 21 goals. 

Gareth Bale celebrating
Gareth Bale celebrating

Do Real Madrid really need Gareth Bale?

Looking at Real Madrid's current squad they have only Angel Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo on their wing, which are proper winger also keeping the fact in mind Brazilian winger Marcelo can also be played at the wing position at Real Madrid. Where actually Gareth Bale fits Real Madrid? Even if at Santiago Bernabeu there are only two proper wingers that doesn't means Gareth Bale can make his position too easily. Real Madrid may never want their Portugese winger who scored 201 goals in 199 appearances to be subbed out at the cost of Gareth Bale and nor they want him to move away from Real Madrid. The only way Gareth Bale can fit Real Madrid is by taking Cristiano Ronaldo out of the wing position and deploy him as a striker.

How Cristiano Ronaldo will perform as a striker?

It is of no doubt that how good Cristiano Ronaldo will perform as a striker, The Portugese have already scored 201 times for Real Madrid in just 199 appearances, and it quite possibly seems that Carlo Ancelloti is going to try it that is what we saw in Real Madrid vs PSG friendly match in which Benzema was withdrawn for Kaka and Ronaldo was moved upfront. 

How much will Real Madrid spend to land Gareth Bale?

The most important topic of the disccusion, how much will Real Madrid spend to land Gareth Bale at Santiago Bernabeu? We all know Real Madrid is a rich club and they used to do healthy bids when they are after a target, the same will go for the Welsh winger. The 24 year old worth is going to be decided on his current form in which he scored 21 goals for the Tottenham already in the league. But some sources have claimed that Gareth Bale cannot be compared to Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonel Messi and only they are capable of such worthy transfers. Although there are some news available on that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has refused Real Madrid bid of £86.3m for the Welsh national.

What are your thought's on Gareth Bale's future?

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